Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cabal Online Speed Hack

Some cabal cheats have a different uses depends on what a programmer was made the programs. This cabal hack has the ability to speed up the movement of your character, attack rate and attack speed will increases using on this cabal cheats.

Does anyone have try this cabal online speed hack? This cabal speed hack does'nt included in the features of the cabal terminator. The developer plans to add more additional features for coming cabal terminator 2.0 cabal cheat program. And for sure this features could added on said up coming program.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cabal Terminator PH

Cabal Terminator for PH is another cabal online hacking cheats and bots. This cabal cheats has an ability to make invisible your character and you can also leave your character as long as your computer in power on. A perfect cabal online cheats that have also ability to generate or re-generate rare items like suits and armors. You may also use the auto vend mode just leave your character alone and you can continue what you doing. In the Item Generator you can also generate million of golds in your inventory. This is really great cabal hack, thanks for the great developer for making this cabal cheats, this is for everyone but take note this works only in PH server. Probably on the second version will be release the Cabal Terminator 2.0 which all online servers will works on this cabal cheats.

Cabal Terminator Features:

  • Auto HP
  • Auto MP
  • Item Generator
  • Gold Generator
  • Auto Level (Auto Kill monster)
  • Auto Skill
  • Item Filter
  • Auto Sell
  • Auto Buy
  • GM Un-Detection
  • Invisible Mode (No one can see you)
This cabal terminator is their first release and tested by DarkRazor on the PH server only. You can download this by requesting on the developer for free of charge. Just subscribe to us and leave your email, they will send the downloadable link to your email.

Cabal_Terminator_PH.zip (2.2mb) released!

Note: You may use this on your own risk!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cabal Rider

The Cabal Rider PH is an online hacking tools for Cabal Online games. A prepaid hacking tools usually used my cabal gamers, you can renew after one month for two hundred pesos only (P200.00). You may also used an online payment method to buy the cabal rider ph bot. This cabal hack has been got on commercial in August 8, 2008.

These are the following functions and features of the Cabal Riders PH as stated below. You may enjoy hacking and let your game account play and you leave out and nothing used of time of levelling your player.

Cabal Rider Features:
  • Auto HP
  • Auto MP
  • Auto Loot
  • Large Inventory
  • Add a Hot Key to Select Mobs
  • Auto Leveling (Level & Skill)
  • Item Filter
  • Auto Sell & Auto Buy
  • GM Detection. DC when GM is detected
  • Support Vista

Cabal Rider PH 1.0.13

You can download this by clicking the link below. You can also direct visit the official site of this Cabal Rider PH.

Cabal Online Bot & Hack

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